The Best Way To Care For Your Own Carpet in Prince George, B.C.

August 29, 2015 Comments Off on The Best Way To Care For Your Own Carpet in Prince George, B.C.

In most homes carpeting and rugs are a common feature. The task for every homeowner is how to care for these carpets. A lot of strategies are available based on the size along with material of the rug and exactly how dirty the material is. Because of these factors, there are a variety choices for those seeking carpet cleaners. You can always search for the best carpet cleaners around Prince George, BC. Consider HIGH TECH PROFESSIONAL CLEANING, see how they could help you or you may opt to do the cleaning yourself.

Steam cleaner is one of the most popular types of carpet cleaner. This utilizes a mixture of hot water plus cleaning solution to produce tiny steam particles into the rug. Brushes along with hose attachments release soiled particles out of the rug. Steam cleaners are sold in retail stores. Also known as a steamvac, there are many reasonably priced models of this particular cleaner available for purchase, though many consumers would rather rent one only when necessary. Most likely you can save all the rental cost and you may utilize steam cleaner anytime you want it when you have your very own.

An additional typically used option is actually carpet shampoo. It is applied to the carpet and either by hand or machine, scrubbed to help eliminate dirt particles out from the fiber of the carpet. Many kinds of carpet shampoo now are available in the market from ecologically sound types, common carpet cleaners or special formulas created to specifically remove mold, mildew, animal odors and more. Generally, carpet shampoos do not need to be vacuumed up or removed after scrubbing and drying overnight however each manufacturer differs slightly in directions so it is always suggested to adhere to the particular suggestions for a specific product in order to obtain the best outcome.

All of these are suggestions recommended on how you’ll be able to maintain your rug. Should you want more information with regards to carpet cleaning, seek the assistance of trained professionals. HIGH TECH PROFESSIONAL CLEANING will handle the task.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Prince George, B.C.

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Maintaining carpets is certainly not easy. The day-to-day wear and tear can take its toll on your carpet. The good news is, you can actually avoid any heavy dirt on your carpet and you can do the cleaning yourself and do this in your own time. The examples below ideas will help you maintain your carpet’s appearance as well as prolong its life:

1. Utilize both indoor and outdoor mats at each entrance in order to reduce the amount of dirt brought into your your own home.

2. Clean the heavy traffic areas 2-3 times every week by using a vacuum while the rest can be cleaned once weekly.

3. Prepare your own spot remover simply by combining 1/4 teaspoon liquid detergent (free of bleach) and 1 cup cold water.

4. Have a protector on a regular basis applied just after cleaning because after some time the protection on stain-resistant carpet will wear down.

5. Check the colorfastness property of a certain stain -removing product before using it. Try checking it in inconspicuous area.

6. Before placing on your carpet, test area rugs for colorfastness because some rugs may tend to bleed.

7. Vacuum below area rugs periodically to eliminate loose debris that may have filtered through the rugs to your carpet.

8. After professional cleaning, keep the protective blocks in place to avoid color transfer between house furniture and flooring.

9. Your furniture collects daily dust and soil just like your carpet. We recommend you have both of them cleaned professionally all at once for your convenience.

Carpet maintenance is actually a difficult task however if you follow these good ideas, you may spare yourself from a lot of dirt and grime as you clean your carpet. For more information on carpet cleaning and maintenance, get in touch with a professional carpet cleaner around Prince George, BC. HIGH TECH PROFESSIONAL CLEANING is at your service. Give us a call today so we can schedule our visit to your house.

Excellent Carpet Cleaning Tricks and Tips in Prince George, B.C.

August 11, 2015 Comments Off on Excellent Carpet Cleaning Tricks and Tips in Prince George, B.C.

Keeping carpet thoroughly clean and also its regular maintenance is actually a big challenge. Certainly, we all want our carpet to have a longer life since buying a brand new one is actually an expensive thing to do nowadays because of financial problems. Taking good care and maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet can save you funds from having to purchase very expensive cleaning products and solutions also.

In connection with this, we have come up with a listing of cleaning tricks and tips:

  1. Avoid immediate rubbing at the carpet stains. This can only trigger it to smear and become irreversible. Performing this can even deteriorate the fiber making the carpet to wear down quicker.
  2. Treat well stains so they will not come back on the area of your carpet. Cover the stain with a thick cloth then weigh down with something heavy immediately, allowing the towel to absorb all the stain then clean as usual. Never use a hair dryer or even an iron to dry out the carpet stain as this will just seal the discoloration permanently on your carpet.
  3.  A clean carpet is certainly one that is consistently maintained. Take the time to vacuum often enough and ensure to get it done in the right way, meaning going over the floor in a number of directions to let the vacuum cleaner to get all of the dirt it can. Always steam clean as well as deep clean your own carpet as often as needed. For you to have a thorough clean rug, you must have it cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. A professional company is available in Prince George, BC. HIGH TECH PROFESSIONAL CLEANING is just a click away.
  4. Regarding particularly stubborn mildew and mold, utilize a non-chlorine bleach or perhaps lemon juice and salt mixture for colored fabrics. You could just slightly clean all the area using a mixture of peroxide (one part of 3 % hydrogen peroxide into five parts of water), but you must ensure that your formula doesn’t harm the material of your rug.
  5.  Be alert for spills and handle them instantly in order to maintain a thoroughly clean carpet. By utilizing water on the spill will help most spills. And, if that fails, increase your search. You will discover several products and solutions in the marketplace which can help you to definitely eliminate spills instantly. These products range in uses and will be helpful if you partner them with the type of spill that has occurred. A combination of water and vinegar may also make it easier to keep any spots away. Keep in mind, having immediate measures can help to put a stop to spills from becoming stains leaving you with a nice and clean rug.
  6. Make use of the mildest cleaning products that are available as much as possible onto your carpet. Exclusively use harsher types for stubborn stains and also certain spillages. Mild carpet shampoos are still always the very best solution. When you use any cleaning solution, the key is simply “read the label as well as follow the maker’s instructions” if unsure check the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

It is important to use front door mat in your house. Proper usage of entrance mat can certainly help clean off people’s shoes or boots and will definitely keep most of the tracked in soils out of the carpet surfaces.

However, if all of these tricks and tips still do not give good results or you aren’t sure how to do them, contact HIGH TECH PROFESSIONAL CLEANING, Prince George, BC. This tried and tested carpet cleaning company is among the best in town and will certainly help you clean your own carpet.

How To Maintain Clean Carpets in Prince George, B.C.

August 2, 2015 Comments Off on How To Maintain Clean Carpets in Prince George, B.C.

Maintaining carpets is not simple to carry out. This is a difficult responsibility particularly when you are a working person and you have very busy timetable. Certainly, you want your carpet to be constantly thoroughly clean and as well , to be always smelling good. There are certainly steps you can take to have a clean carpet always. We suggest these things:

To begin with, make use of the range hood that will reduce the amount of oils, fats as well as carbon which make it into the air then come down on the carpet.

Second of all, Continue to keep forced air heating and A/C unit screens clean and efficient by changing them on a regular basis. Never forget, animal dander as well as feathers are actually major things that trigger allergies. All these can circulate inside the house and might bring an ailment.

Thirdly, make sure you have natural enzyme deodorizers available. Natural enzymes in fact gobble up all the organic material that is the source of odor which makes your entire family home smell bad. Some other enzyme compounds mix together with cleansers to consume organic and natural unattractive stains like blood, juices, wine, coffees, pee and other pet dog or cat stains. You may have to make several applications of hungry enzymes to take over for the not active ones that have become full, but keep at it until the carpet is fresh and clean.

Additionally, regularly utilize white towels to clean. By using decorated towels, you run the risk of transferring the dye to your carpet. Regularly clean up fresh new blotches through scraping on the outer edge inward toward the center. By doing so you will not be extending the soiled area. Hot water really helps to set unsightly stains instead of eliminating all of them, for that reason you should never utilize it. Regarding nail polish, meticulously blot as much as you possibly can while still in its liquefied condition. When it’s too late, slowly make use of nail polish remover, soak up and then use much more remover, alternating back and forth until you take it all. Greasy and also gummy spots clean up is best when cold. Have some ice inside a plastic bag and then hold it all to the blotch right up until it sets hard. Scrape all the hardened mark and then clean the remains with a liquid cleaning agent.

You’ll find these suggestions beneficial to successfully make your carpet thoroughly clean and smelling fresh. Additionally, if you are still uncertain and wants to have an in depth carpet cleaning, contact HIGH TECH PROFESSIONAL CLEANING , one of the best carpet cleaners around Prince George, BC.

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