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High Tech Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services is your ideal partner in caring for your area rugs. We offer professional area rug cleaning services in Prince George, British Columbia. It’s our goal to keep your home free from allergens and pathogens. Find out more about our area rug cleaning and restoration services.

Your Area Rugs Need TLC

Unlike ordinary rugs, area rugs feature a dense pile construction that makes them more difficult to clean. That is why they need special attention and a different cleaning method. At High Tech Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services, we use a gentle “hand washing” process to remove dirt, germs, and other particles from area rugs while keeping the delicate fibers intact.

Tradition methods, such as pressure washing and the use of intense chemical activity don’t do the trick. They can’t clean area rugs thoroughly and most of the time high pressure damages the fibers and dyes. Hand washing involves the use of special cleaning products that gently cleans the dense pile.

Why You Need to Clean Your Area Rugs Properly

Proper cleaning is important to keep your area rugs free from germs, bacteria, dust mites, and other nasty creatures that hide in the fibers. We do hand washing to clean all areas and remove stains. Keeping your area rugs clean helps reduce the risks of developing allergic reactions and asthma.

Let Us Do the Work

Hire our area rug cleaning service to keep your home healthy and safe. We recommend having your high traffic rugs lightly cleaned several times a year and thoroughly cleaned at least once. Allergens and pathogens aren’t visible to the naked eye. Have your area rugs washed regularly, even if it doesn’t look dirty.

Whenever you need help cleaning your area rugs, get in touch with the pros at High Tech Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services. Our team is always ready to provide you with top notch cleaning and restoration service. We can arrange for the pickup and delivery of your rugs for a small fee.

Call us at (250) 614-1345 to inquire about our cleaning services, discuss your needs, and schedule an inspection.

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