How do I open an online bank account?

It is possible to open a bank account online via a computer or a smartphone. This process is done via the internet and in several steps. So how do you go about opening an online bank account? Discover all the steps in this article.

Well, choose your bank and make the subscription

It is possible to stay at home and open your online bank without going anywhere. For this, it is important to choose a reliable and credible bank of your choice. So, before choosing the bank, you should study the rates and services offered as well as the probable disadvantages. Above all, you should check the eligibility requirements of the online bank.

Next, you are required to fill in the online application form. Filling in this form allows the online bank to obtain information about your personal situation, your contact details, your professional situation, etc. Then, you opt for the banking offer of your choice.

Sending supporting documents

To verify your identity, the online bank you have chosen will ask for certain documents. These include proof of identity and address, a bank statement, proof of income and a signature on a white background. All these documents must be sent digitally.

In addition, you must wait until the online bank accepts the opening of your bank account. If this is the case, then you will have to sign the account agreement. And this is possible thanks to the electronic signature set up by online banks.

The activation of the bank account

After these different steps, it is then up to you to move on to the activation of your online bank account. Therefore, the online bank asks you to make a first transfer. This can be by cheque or by bank transfer from another account that is in your name. The amount requested is often on average 300 euros.

After this first bank transfer, the online bank will send you a message. This message will contain your secret code and your connection codes. You will also receive your bank card. This is the proof that your online bank account has been opened.