Sex during pregnancy: what are the advantages?

It is well known that sexual activity during pregnancy is recommended by all doctors. According to midwives and gynecologists, it does not pose any risk to the baby, but it does provide benefits to the baby. Find out more about the benefits of sex during pregnancy in this article.

Sex during pregnancy prepares you for childbirth

It is not good to deny yourself sex when you are pregnant. It has benefits that cannot be ignored. Sexual intercourse during pregnancy helps to lubricate the vagina. Apart from that, vaginal penetration is also very beneficial for childbirth. It prepares the pelvic muscles and the cervix, which facilitates childbirth. Finally, it should be noted that sexuality during pregnancy plays several roles, and it is because of these that it is often recommended to pregnant women, especially those who have already passed the nine (09) month mark.

Sexuality during pregnancy ensures the well-being of the baby and the couple

When the mother feels pleasure during sexual intercourse and reaches orgasm, it brings well-being to the baby. This is because the hormones that are released during sex promote contractions in the uterus. This contraction allows the baby to bathe in a bubble bath. It should also be noted that sex during pregnancy is also good for the mother. Far from pelvic toning, sexuality allows the mother to feel desired and loved by her husband. It also allows her to feel secure, which allows the baby to come in good conditions. It should not be forgotten that sexuality is also good for the couple. Being beneficial to each individual, it guarantees unity, love and understanding in the couple. Finally, it should be noted that intercourse during pregnancy releases oxytocin from the body during orgasm. This release causes the production of endorphins and dopamine, which leads to pleasure and well-being.